Keith Valentine is President of Florida Landscape Doctor. Graduating from College in 1979, he started his landscape business in Clearwater Florida in 1980. Completing small residential landscape jobs to very large commercial jobs. He is knowledgeable in all phases of Landscape Construction. His very first large landscape job was the Costco wholesale store in Orlando at the corner of Orange Blossom Trail and Water bridge. With satisfied customers all over the State of Florida his knowledge of the Landscape industry has made him well known.

Irrigation Troubleshooting

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One of the problems homeowners have is coming home after work and the irrigation system is still running. The homeowner goes to the irrigation timer and turns off the clock and looks in the yard and the irrigation system is … Read More

Mole Crickets

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Yes those pesky critters flying around under the lights at the ball field are really getting ready to tunnel into the soil at the ball field. The reason for the activity is they are attracted to the lights at the … Read More

Growing The Florida Pineapple

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Who would of thought in the little backwoods town of Interlachen, Florida you could grow the delightful fruit known as the pineapple. Until recently I thought that all pineapples came from Hawaii. Well now I know Marlene Crabtree can grow … Read More

Fire Ants

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The Fire Ants When the need arises for 100 lawn care companies to meet to discuss the problem you know it can turn into a serious problem. That is what happens in this industry. Fire Ants are a problem.  So … Read More

Sod Webworm

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Butterflies in my lawn?  No it’s Sod Webworms the Pest. Sod webworms are caterpillars of small brown to dull gray moths. Webworms grow to a length of nearly ¾ inch. Depending on the species they range in color from pinkish … Read More

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